Film Cameras


Film Cameras

Experience real Photography by using a film in a camera! Most popular format is 35mm however 120 is still available.

When buying think about the type of camera. The main types of 35mm cameras are

Compacts: Very popular in the 1990’s, a lot have automatic wind on etc, very easy to use, however a lot depend on batteries which can be expensive.

Range Finder/ViewFinder Cameras: These mainly date from the 1950’s. Many are very high quality cameras with great lens. The Kodak Retinette and Voightlander Vito B are great examples. Remember that a lot of these are 50 years old now so check very carefully. Shutter and wind on are key factors to check.

SLR’s(Single Lens Reflex): These started in the early 1960’s but really took off in the 1970’s. Great classics include the Nikonmat, Pentax Spotmatics and many more. Early models relay less on batteries, latter models became very automated. Key factors to check are, Shutter, Focus and light seals.


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