Before the digital age people used to type letters, take photographs using film cameras and listen to Vinyl records. While the digital age has changed the way we live, items invented and made before this age are still of great use and charm. Many of these item were made to last at least a life time. A good Singer Sewing machine is still still capable of making quality clothes. A Film camera of 1950 will still provide a wonderful sharp image.

Instead of disgarding these wonderful objects Before Digital aims to keep these objects working.

At Before Digital we aim to source and sell good examples of theses. In time we hope to provide information resources on these items.

We have a realm of knowledge regarding our products if you are looking for a particular product please lets us know and we will endeavour to source it for you.


Before Digital was founded by Andrew Gillett in the Spring of 2014. He has had a long interest in Film Photography, using and collecting  film cameras for over 40 years. It was while sourcing film cameras that Andrew came across some amazing typewriters and Sewing Machines. He realised that all these wonderful objects had one thing in common, they were all invented and manufactured before the digital age, thus Before Digital was born!