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Before Digital: Specialists in Pre Digital Technologies


We Buy, Sell and advise regrading pre digital technologies.



The digital revolution has completely changed the way we live, but what about all those lost technologies, the typewriter, the gramophone, the film camera and many more fascinating items. The aim of Before Digital is to remember these technologies, to source good examples of products and offer these for sale through the Web, Vintage Fairs and other Markets. At Before Digital we have experience and in many cases in depth knowledge of many of these products and hope to be able to share this with our customers. 


Examples of Before Digital  vintage items,  working order typewriters, still cameras, movie cameras, sewing machines and much, much more.  


On this site you will find a link to our on line ebay shop, news to where we will be trading in the next months and information regarding our products.


Please contact us on the contact form if you are looking for a particular item, new stock being bought all the time.




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